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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Little Artist - Julianna's pretty cookies

My Little Artist Julianna

Her Spring Cookie

A Colorful Floral Arrangement

Julianna's favorites - too bad her brother kept smooshing the icing

Julianna saw that her sister was mentioned in a previous post, so to keep things equal I told her I'd post some of her work. She is my little artist and I always find her in her room creating something beautiful in her sketchpad. She picks up any craft very quickly and here are her Spring cookies - pretty impressive for a ten year old.

We took a fondant class and have been having fun experimenting. For the tiny flowers we used Wilton prepared fondant and rolled it thin with a little bit of shortening on the counter. To get it super thin we put it through the Kitchenaid KPSA pasta roller. It takes only seconds and the kids really enjoy watching how it thins the fondant out so quickly. From there, we used flower cutter plungers like these. (hmm, I spent a lot more at the cake store). I'll have to take pictures of the process. I have read blogs saying you can dry out thin sheets of fondant and use any paper punch... thats on my to-try list. I'd love to put these on cupcakes with a silver dragee. So many fun ideas and not enough parties! I learned to just use a tiny bit of fondant at a time. Here in Arizona it dries out so quickly.

This royal icing was made two days earlier and was stored in the refrigerater. I can't throw anything away so if I have extra icing I make cookies for the kids and their friends and let them have fun experimenting. If you look closely the pink icing was very runny and did not hold up.

Julianna said she wanted to sell her cookies but I told her that was against child labor laws. Now when I ask her to help around the house she reminds me that kids aren't allowed to work. Sorry Julianna, it is not against the law for kids to help their Mom clean the house.

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