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Sweets by Suz: BYU Cookies for a Birthday Party

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BYU Cookies for a Birthday Party

BYU logo Cookie - Wilton Royal Blue and Americolor Super Black

I spent the weekend with my sister Becca in St. George and we had so much fun with the KopyKake projector. My brother Mike and his family was there for a soccer tournament as well. My nephew Michael was forced into a picking a birthday party theme and chose a BYU party. This was great timing as so many Seniors just found out they were getting into BYU last Friday. So this batch of cookies became a birthday party side dish and a little Congratulations gift for some teenagers that just got accepted into BYU. Logos are fun!!! It's my nerdy perfectionist side that loves making these!! It's so exact and no creativity required.

Different variations of the BYU Cookies.

I think I like the Blue "Y" on the white cookie because there is less dye. The most accurate is the first one shown.
My sister Becca made these.

She said BYU is good at every sport. Becca and her family are a little obsessed with BYU. So she covered them all. The football looks kind of different because we added a bit of cocoa to keep the amount of dye down.

BYU Birthday Cookies

Close up of more of the cookies.

BYU cookies mixed with Sports cookies

Becca made this cake using the projector. It turned out great!

Michael's Birthday Spread

My nephew Joseph and my brother Mike reluctantly eating a cookie

Mike is a professor at BYU and had to ask, "are these cookies licensed...?" maybe not, but I think it's okay because we aren't selling them.

The ugly side of food dye

It is great to do a cookie in the exact color, but the truth is that those dyes are messy. We were all laughing at everyone's blue teeth. I guess the alternative would be to find a way to flood the cookies and use an airbrush so less dye is on each cookie, but that would mean yet another cooking tool.

Alex is so cute I have to ad this. Enjoy the very amateur video.

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At February 23, 2012 at 2:24 PM , Blogger Cathy said...

Wow! I love the Birthday spread!!! I didn't realize you made the balls as well!! Very cute! Phillip is Jealous!


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