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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spiderman Cookies with Royal Icing

Spiderman Cookie decorated with Royal Icing

I'm trying to to let my house get over-run with cookie cutters, so I decided to try to make Spidey on an easter egg shaped cookie. It works, I think. (I must apoligize for the slightly over-cooked edges, somebody didn't get these out of the oven in time, but this was just for fun so oh well.) The most amazing part about this cookie is I piped the details on with my three year old sitting right next to me. Timmy was so happy, "MOM! you're making a SPIDEY cookie." It is not 100% perfect, I don't like the look of the right eye. My next one will be better now that I know how to make these. As to the flavor, I made the red and black in advance so there is not a red-dye aftertaste.

What is the obsession with Spiderman anyways? Well, after watching the movie over 100 times with Timmy I'm a big fan and have tried to do more than just Hello Kitty and pastel colored girl cookies. I think we'll have a Spiderman party before the premier of The Amazing Spider-Man this summer, even though they have a new lead.

So serious, I told him he was Green Goblin eating Spiderman.

This little guy is getting spoiled with my cookie obsession. There were only Hello Kitty cookies left yesterday and he said, "MOM, I can't eat a GRILL cookie!"

Here is the link to The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, if you haven't seen it yet...

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At February 23, 2012 at 7:22 PM , Blogger Becca said...

Great job on the spidey cookie! Perfect piping of the webs! I'll admit it - I was the distracted one in the kitchen that ignored the timer and over-cooked the cookies. (it was 2 a.m, though).

You should have done a side-by-side w/ the other spidey cookies that Emma and I made w/o the kopycake - huge difference.


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