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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Batman Cookie with Royal Icing

Batman Cookie on an over-baked Easter egg

This is the last of the super hero cookies. This one was rushed, so it is not perfect. It's okay to blog about the imperfections? The Easter Egg worked fine, although I would like to spend 5.99 and get the exact oval shape for this cookie.

The first flaw, is the over-baking. No big deal because we were doing these just for fun. So don't bake your sugar cookies to this stage, they taste a little off. Kids don't care, but I can tell a difference. It does something to the flavors. Second flaw, we rushed through this and did not give the black enough time to dry. You can see the black is bleeding into the yellow. Third flaw, the small craters on the right side. My theory about craters - under filling and air bubbles. I usually get these in tiny areas where i spread the icing with the toothpick. To avoid this, I would have to carefully pipe the icing into the spaces using a small tip. The lazy way is to just use a toothpick.

Here are all the super hero cookies, Beccacrocker did the Captain America and she was griping about how it turned out. To her defense, she had 13 house guests that weekend, was making homemade pretzels, a cake and lots of food around the clock. It's okay to do these for fun!

All the super hero cookies

Decorated cookies make little kids so happy. Quick Austin, brush your teeth!

Beccacrocker did a really nice off-center batman on a scalloped square cookie. Too bad I didn't get a better picture of it. As always, prepare the royal icing a couple days in advanced so the grey can turn to black and the dark pink can turn red. The same was true with the dark blue.

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