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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smurf Cookie with Royal Icing.

Smurf Cookie "sketch" with royal icing

What do you do when you have extra royal icing and you find a plain cookie??? Practice random designs. You can even seen the marks from the edible ink markers. I'm still trying to learn the best ways to layer royal icing and to use the edible ink markers to help. I only used the marker for his ears and to make the tongue red. If I did it again I would do the pupils in black. Eyes are so challenging... my kids are obsessed with the Smurfs since they saw the movie last year.

This was done on an Easter Egg that never got decorated. Maybe I will make my kids some Easter eggs with their favorite characters.

I did this with the KopyKake, for a really low-budget video of how this works click here.

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