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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Easter Candy 75% off

This post has nothing to do with Cookies. So sorry. Anyways, this year I wasn't going to do it. I wasn't going to go down the Easter candy aisle, but today after grabbing the essentials I saw it, the candy marked 75% off, almost 2 weeks after Easter. I usually stock up on chocolate, but knew it would be gone at this point. What I did buy was tons of Ring pops, starbursts and a few other treats. When you open the packaging they look like normal ring pops, and I'm so happy to get a four pack of these for 0.25 cents.

I love parties, especially big Mexican-style birthday parties and with four kids I know I will use these long before their expiration date in 2014. If they are not gone by our last birthday in September the trick-or-treaters will be happy to take these home. It's nice that once you open the starbursts and Ring pops the packaging is just normal, but honestly I could care less about giving away Easter candy at my kids' parties. If someone has a problem with this they don't have to come to our party and they don't need to be my friend. I'm happy I can stay home with my kids, even if it means I have to pinch pennies and give away Easter candy at my kids parties all summer. Tragic.

So think ahead, pinatas, ginberbread houses, lemon aid stands and buy some candy at these rock-bottom prices. I try to keep the minimum amount of chocolate in the house because I know I will eat it.

Happy Thursday


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