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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anyone can decorate cookies!

The girls are hard at work making cookies for "bring your son/daughter to work day."  The HR manager asked kids to make cookies and bring them for the afternoon snack.  They are so excited that this is their own little project and I even let them prepare the icing by themselves.  Half of the flood icing ended up the counter.  Since I've started this craze in November they really look forward to going crazy with the left-overs - when I'm finished with a project I let them roll out their own shapes and decorate them on their own.

I love the Disney movie "Ratatouille" and agree with the chef's motto - "Everyone can cook!" and will apply this to decorating cookies.  

Day 1 Decorating - Flood & Fill
The flood icing looks just right - like Elmer's glue consistancy.  Cute Juju.
Cute Alexandra popping bubbles
 Alexandra using the KopyKake 300xk to draw the company logo on the cookie.
Julianna drew these logos on the cookies but would not be photographed.
Tray of cookies to share with the other kids.  Other than putting them in and out of the oven the girls made these themselves.
 Guess who is so excited about "bring your kid to work day?" - me!!! They are going to have these little monkies there all day!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Blackboard Transact for the day off work!


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